Athletic & Recreation Pavilion - at the Dixon Center -


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Athletic & Recreation Pavilion

Creating an Experience

The Athletic & Recreation Pavilion will provide the Cabrini community and student athletes with a world-class athletic experience and an advanced recreation center. This revolutionary facility will meet the modern demands of the increasing student population and expanding athletic programs with updated locker rooms, fitness equipment, and studio space to be used for Zumba, yoga, Pilates, and dance.

The cutting-edge pavilion will accommodate the needs of Cabrini students and appeal to a wide range of prospective students seeking a state-of-the-art facility for a leading fitness experience while broadening the recruitment pool. The addition of the pavilion will provide adequate facilities for Cabrini to host popular NCAA tournaments and attract attention to the College. This exciting opportunity will encourage students to excel in their athletic programs and create an innovative approach to contemporary fitness and wellness.

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Cabrini Athletics

“I'm in the gym almost every day. So I'm excited that this facility will enhance my experience at Cabrini."

- DeLisa Portland | Swimmer, Class of 2018